An Analysis of Socio-Economic Conditions of Elder People in Northern Police Range of Karnatak

  • Swati Bhusanur, Dr G. S. Venumadhava


The vulnerability of senior citizens towards crime is usually higher, because they are easily target. The different types of crime are deprived the elder people life due to the lower economic and social correspondence. In present scenario the population of senior citizens is nearly 1,204.6 Lack as compare to the 2011 census. Elder people require a care for their daily needs like health, economic condition, psychological condition, and to balance the social condition. This paper analyse the socio-economic conditions of elder people, and crime against them with reference to economic condition and individual social conditions. The sample collected for this paper is based on primary data, and respondents were selected as family members, elder people and local police for better understanding of present condition. This rising insensitiveness is a risk to our society. Sincere efforts are needed to tackle this alarming problem. The present paper describes the available data on the old people, their dependence ratio, the problems being faced by them and suggestive measures to provide social and emotional security to them.