Design Of Microstrip Patch Antenna For GPS Applications And Study The Effect Of Dielectric Substrate Dimensions On The Frequency Bandwidth

  • Fares S. Alatallah, Jumaah M. Imran, Ahmed A. Ahmed


In this research, a microstrip patch antenna was designed and the dimensions of the insulating substrate were changed to obtain the best beam width to be suitable for GPS applications. The antenna operates at the frequency of 1.5GHz. Three values of the substrate length were taken, which are (75.3, 81.3, 87.3) mm, And three values for the width of the substrate are (65, 71, 77) mm, and the result was that the best frequency bandwidth when increasing the length of the insulating substrate and decreasing the width of the insulating substrate, as the best bandwidth was when the substrate length was       Ls = 87.3mm and it is equal to 0.0567GHz at the frequency of 1.5GHz. The best frequency band was when the substrate width Ws = 65mm and equal to 0.0722GHz at 1.5 GHz. The results were simulated and presented using CS (Computer Simulation Technology) V.2019 software. The antenna was practically manufactured and the return loss was measured using a VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) device. The practical result was compared with the simulation result of return loss and there was a good agreement between the two values.