Architectural Experimental Field Measurement Process and Procedure using Case Study

  • Muhammed Gambo Abdullahi, Elina Mohd Husini, Ahmed Osman Ibrahim, Kasiemobi Collins Okoye, Fadli Arabi, & Faizah Mohammed Bashir


Out of various architectural research methods ranging from quantitative and qualitative types, experimental field measurement type is mostly used compared to others due to its practicability. Therefore, there is a need to take into consideration the right step to follow to achieve the needed goal of using this type of methodology. However, this paper present processes and procedures of experimental field measurement for accurate research result(s). These processes include the selection of the right case study building, the use of viable and versatile devices and or equipment, re-calibration and verification for the reliability of the devices, proper launching and readout of the devices especially if the devices are data loggers and proper mounting of the devices for good recording purposes. The study also uncovered the limitation of this methodology despite its merits. The paper furthermore revealed an area where this methodology is mostly applicable.

Keywords- Architecture, experiment, field-measurement, process, procedure, case-study