A scientometric Analysis on Development of Nanofluids for Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Applications

  • Vijayakumar M, Sivankalai S, Michael Joseph Stalin P, Kumaresan G, Selvakumar P, Manikandan V


The present study explores scientometric analysis on the research of nanofluids based on python. An investigation was carried out for one decade that gives article published in ten languages. Moreover, augmentation in the number of publications on Nanofluids for 2010-2019 have been analysed and the distribution of publishers have been accessed. The most publishing authors were Selimefendigil. F, Oztop, HF (35 papers) publishing mostly in the area of Nanofluid followed by Sheikholeslami M (27 papers), SheikholeslamiMGanjii DD (26 papers), Akbar NS (23 papers). The aftereffects of this first historically speaking such investigation of its kind show that the scientometric investigation has an extraordinary potential to increase important experiences into the advancement of the exploration the on nanofluids as on account of new arising advancements and cycles for example, nanoscience and nanotechnology supplementing literature reviews, content examination.

Keywords: Scientometrics, Nano Fluid,Nano Science, Nanotechnology, Python.