A Study on Occupational Health and Fire Safety in Garment Industries

  • Mr.P.Venkataramanan, Dr. P.Prathap, Dr. P.Sivaprakash, Dr. S.Kanchana


Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) is an important aspect which allows an organisation to systematically manage the safety and health of the workers in a workplace. Over the past decades, textile industries are playing a vital role in the Indian economy, and also it is the second largest revenue generating sector of India. Garment manufacturing industries equally hazardous in comparison with other industrial processes. It is important that the employers as well the employees realize the actual threat existing at the work place and be conscious of the provisions to be made to protect themselves against work-related illnesses and injuries. This paper assesses the fire safety elements followed in garment industries using a questionnaire. The study revealed that the safety elements such as fire safety equipment, smoke alarm installation, appropriate lighting, fire safety analysis and inspection and occupational health centre were the major issues faced by the workers in the garment industries.

Keywords- Textiles; fire accident; hazards; work related injuries; Safe Workplace.