Automated Plant Watering System

  • T. M. Thamizh Thentral , S. Usha , A. Geetha, C. Subramani , T.R.B. Ramanathan , Archana Arun


In everyday activities identified with planting or cultivating, watering is the most significant and work serious
errand. People often are unable to water their plants regularly either due to their busy scheduled life or while on a
vacation, thus being unable to give sufficient care to the plant for its growth. With the rise of technology and
automation, it is possible to ascertain when it is required to water the plants and optimise the use of water as well.
The two essential aspects to be considered when automating the process of watering a plant is to determine when the
plant needs to be watered. To reduce manual activities and to reduce repetitive activities performed by the
gardener, in this paper, an automated plant watering system is proposed. By adding the automated plant watering
system to the pot in which the plant is present, the plant will obtain the required amount of water while also ensuring
that water is conserved.