The Framing of the Gandrung Sewu Traditional Art in Banyuwangi

  • Wisjayanti, Kun Setyaning Astuti


This article aims to examine the framing of the Gandrung Sewu traditional art in Banyuwangi. Framing is a social construction of an event. The Banyuwangi’s Gandrung dance was originally designed to express people's gratitude to their ancestors for good harvests. Professional female dancers will dance to the music with the guests, especially the male ones. Gandrung is a traditional art performed with Osing music. This dance is performed in pairs between adult women (gandrung) and men (pemaju). This study used a qualitative approach with ethnographic methods. The results show that the framing of the Gandrung Sewu traditional art occurred because the dance was not in accordance with the prevailing norms in Banyuwangi.

Keywords: Dance, Arts, Traditions, Gandrung Sewu, Framing.