Channel Assignment of Triangular Grid and Ladder related Graphs using Radio Antipodal Labeling

  • Gomathi S, Venugopal P


Wireless communication is used in several diverse circumstances such as radio and TV broadcasting, mobile telephony, satellite communication, and military operations. Since channels are a scarce resource, in each of these applications, the channel assignment significantly influences the performance of communication networks. Interference causes extreme performance degradation in wireless communication.  Assigning channels to every transmitter in communication networks without any interference is a challenging problem. Using graph theory, the channel assignment problem can be modelled as a graph colouring or a graph labelling problem. Antipodal labelling is one of the efficient labelling technique used for channel assignment. In this paper, lower and upper bounds of the radio antipodal number of the triangular grid and the upper bound of the ladder-related graphs were determined.

Keywords- radio antipodal number; span; triangular grid graph; triangular ladder graph; pagoda graph