Spectroscopic Investigation of Charge Transfer Complex And Adsorption of Nitrondye with Curcumin(1) Onmodified Attapulgiteclay

  • Maha Th. Ahmed, Sahira S. Abd-Ulrzzaq


 A charge transfer complex formed by interaction between nitron as  electron donor with  curcumin(1 ) as electron acceptor in ethanol at the temperature of theroom to form a colored complex. The optimum conditions of complex formation were investigated by Univariate  method.  The linearity range of complex  was (3.124– 53.11) μg.mL-1 at 442 nm with molar absorptivity (1858.33) L.mol-1.cm-1, Sandell's sensitivity (0.1681μg.cm-2), and with a correlation coefficient (0.9935). Both  modified attapulgite and modified attapulgite – complex   have been characterized by using , FTIR, SEM, AFM, and XRD. Theadsorption behaviourof complex onto the modified attapulgite has been researchedthrough the variation of the parameters like the adsorbent weight, pH, contacttime , temperature  and particle size . Adsorption isotherms of  complex onto the modified attapulgitehave beenspecified and correlated with the typical equations of theisotherms. It has beendiscovered that the FreundlichandLangmuir model appear to be fitting the data of theisotherm.The general adsorption isotherm shape of complex on modified attapulgite  is consistent with (S-type) on the Giles classification. Thermo-dynamic analysis indicated that the sorption of the  complex on modified attapulgite clay was  endothermic and spontaneous.