Sentiment Analysis on Shedecides Post From Twitter

  • Mr.S. Niresh, Dr. C. Sathya


Social media users are growing dramatically every day. In particular, Twitter plays a significant role in easily transmitting information to others. In worldwide 330 million people are using twitter based on the last quarter of 2020 survey. Every second, on an average around 6000 tweets are being tweeted on twitter. Since twitter has a large network base, it is mainly used for connecting people and allows them to share their thoughts. Sentiment analysis uses the processing of natural language, text mining and computer linguistics to collect valuable knowledge for the decision-making process. In this article, we concentrate on a specific post about Shedecides. Shedecides is a movement that aims to preserve the basic rights of women and girl children. It facilitates the women to make decision about their personal life and education by themselves and not depending on others. Any movement supported at the local level do not report the global support unit. So, we collect the tweets from public to analyse the level of support from the society for Shedecides movement.

Keywords-Sentiment analysis; Social media; Twitter; Shedecides post.