Sentiment Analytics on Chinese Product Boycott from Multiple Data Sources Deepak Mane

  • Dr. Sirbi Kotrappa,Kiran Shibe


Sentiment Analysis and Opinion mining is a technique recognizing  and drawing out  the personalized  information underlying a different kind of documents such as text , audio , images and videos. This area of research tries to exaplain the feeling , opinions , emotions of people on something topics. The most relevant classifying a statement as ‘positive’ , ‘negative’ and ‘neutral’ from records/posts obtained from different source system such as Twitter, Facebook , Reddit etc. To predict the sentiment/result of recent Chinese Product Boycott campaign, This paper direct to operate on data received from 9 different sources.  In the field of Trade and commerce where traders . Politians and Peoples need to  catch  public’s point of view, thinking and therefor evaluate people’s reaction about Chinese product. The reasoning behind performing this research is that ,the prediction will also help to know what is reason behind this , Chinese product boycott analysis will have a major impact on relationship between India and China trade.