Optimal Operation of Low Emission Solar Powered Greenhouses

  • Zayn A.Hafidh, Mohammed K.Alsaadi, Abdullateef A.Jadallah


In this paper, a modern design and energy management system are proposed for the smart green field. The greenfield consists of single-span greenhouses in the (33.3°N, 44.4 °E) Baghdad, Iraq with respect to East-West direction. The proposed field involves integrated thermal solar systems and photovoltaic panels are fixed on the roof of the greenhouse. The field includes 50 greenhouses. Each greenhouse contains 28 photovoltaic panels (7 under thermal solar systems and 21 normal glass to glass photovoltaic panels) which are fixed on the roof. The radiation of the sun and the temperature of the weather are measured experimentally. The optimal operation of the smart field aims to minimize the operation cost of the green field, where the field can exchange energy with the upstream grid and with storage device. The problem is formulated by a multi-period mixed-integer linear program (MPMILP), where the degradation cost of the energy storage is modeled and integrated with the optimization problem. Besides, the exchanging power with utility grids is modeled and considered in the proposed management approach. Further, a set of constraints relevant to the system components is taken into account when formulating and solving the problem. The results reveal that the operations of the battery reduce the operation cost.

Keywords-Energy management system, Greenhouse, Solar energy, Storage battery