Protection of flooding attack model for Securing Application layer Against DDoS Attack

  • Haider Kasim Mohammd AL-HUSSEINI, Prof. Dr. Abdullahi Abdu IBRAHIM


Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is the most common and dangers type of attack could targeting the internet, web server, OSI model, and any devices have internet concoctions. DDoS attack try to flood the Internet and make it unusable for real users. In this work, Defense of Flooding Attacks model has been proposed to overcome DDoS attack and control the incoming traffics. Software agent has been employed to identify, classify and control traffics. The CICDDoS 2019 dataset has been used to test and evaluate the performance of the proposed model. According to the obtained results, it is observed the proposed model achieved an excellent results during the comparison with the related work with accuracy of99.6%

Keywords-DDoS attack, Software agent and Application Layer