A Significant Review of Surveys Emphasizing on Network Structure Routing in Wireless Sensor Network

  • Sandeep Srivastava, Dr.J.N. Singh


WSNs have massive potential for ameliorating the functioning of distinct industrial areas, improving individual’s everyday lives, and observing ecological surroundings. These applications of WSNs are today utilized in plethora of different fields such as process control and industrial machine, automation in buildings, rescue operations in case of fire and medical check and many more. In WSNs the several routing conventions have been created up to now that some or other way improves the overall performance. In wireless networks there are distinctive sorts of routing method rely upon the structure of network that comes under flat routing, hierarchical routing and location routing. All these steering techniques are utilized as a part of wireless networks or medium. Each of these routing methodologies performs their distinctive functionalities or errands. The network structure has performed crucial part within the operation of the directing conventions in WSNs. The network structure dependent routing strategies are specified in this paper with their diverse routing conventions illustrations.