Awakening the Local and Expanding the Global-Birthing a Hybrid Identity in UKI

  • Susanne A. H. Sitohang, Led Veda R. Sitepu


Universitas Kristen Indonesia/Indonesian Christian University (UKI) established that2020 is the year of internationalization and digitalization in UKI, as declared by the President of UKI, Dr. Dhaniswara K. Harjono, S.H., M.H., MBA. It was intended to equip the university in facing the competition among universities. However, more importantly the intention was to create students who would graduate and be ready to compete in the international and digitalized world – the creation of digital and international individuals. The writer will talk about the meaning of identity and hybrid identity and the connection between the concepts of identity and hybrid identity with globalization and internationalisation, as well as with the formation of identity. This paper then proposes the birth or the creation of individuals (read: students) with a hybrid identity in UKI through its, hopefully, unique model of language teaching (Bahasa Indonesia and English) curriculum. It is proposed that this hybrid identity be called UKI Identity – an identity that is a combination of local and global elements with a touch of UKI universal values. The “creation” of a hybrid identity, which is UKI identity, should be a planned and calculated effort, accompanied with a string of strategies and action plans. Furthermore, the process of birthing the identity should also start from the very first days the students are admitted to UKI. It is hoped that this “creation” of individuals with a hybrid identity, UKI identity, will be UKI’s significant contribution to Indonesia and to the global and international world.