Transport Security and Staff Professional Errors

  • Dmitry V. Averin, Nikolay I. Ovchenkov, Lev N. Elisov, Valery D. Sharov, Victor M. Rukhlinsky


Seсurity of the civil aviation is the most important criteria of its work. Of particular importance is aviation security, which includes ensure protection concerns of civil aviation facilities against unlawful interference in their production work. The civil aviation is a human–machine system that’s why there is a problem of the human factor. While in the civil aviation as a whole the problem of the human factor is researched well enough, in the aviation security field are clearly insufficient. The difficulty is that events in aviation security are rare, which reduce the effectiveness of statistical methods of research. It makes change the approach to the concept of human factor as it is and regard it as a security threat to the object of protection by air personnel on a par with external effects. The source of threat by air personnel is its professional mistakes. These mistakes are made as a result of deviations from the established staff algorithm and have a negative impact on security. In that case an acceptable level of aviation safety is achieved by managing the level of negative impact of staff. The article deals with the human factor in the civil aviation and develops methodology for minimizing the negative impact of staff.