Social Media Marketing as a Means of Branding Identity: A Case Study on Instagram @Eigeradventure Account

  • Dewi Anggraeni, La Mani


The large number of social media users in Indonesia, especially Instagram, shows that social media is an important platform for companies to make Instagram a medium to support marketing and branding in it. The large opportunity for Instagram to target a wider range of consumers was then also harnessed by Eiger, by creating Instagram @eigeradventure. The marketing messages it conveyed and communicated on Instagram @eigeradventure seem to be tailored to Eiger's identity. Therefore, this study aims to analyze social media marketing activities to support Eiger's brand identity through the existence of an Instagram account @ eigeradventure. This research is expected to enrich the literature regarding social media marketing studies, especially in supporting the branding identity of a brand. This study applies a constructivist paradigm with a qualitative approach and a case study method. Data collection techniques are carried out through observation, documentation study, and literature study, while data analysis techniques are taken through interactive models consisting of data reduction, display data, and conclusion drawing/verification. The findings in the field show that Instagram is directed to develop relationships with followers who can foster a feeling of pride in using Eiger products and help build and strengthen the Eiger brand identity as an established, professional, quality, and prestigious apparel adventure product.

Keywords: Social media marketing, branding, brand identity, Instagram.