Impact of Enhanced Chicken Swarm OptimizationAlgorithm Over Other Optimization Algorithms with Obstacle Aware Routing and Attack Detection In MANETs

  • Gondi Yasoda Devi,Dr. Gurrala Venkateswara Rao, Dr. K. Vedavathi, Dr. G. Lakshmeeswari


Routing protocol is an essential and crucial performance factor in the Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET). The MANET routing protocols are proficient in handling groups of nodes with constrained resources. In MANET, there exist several numbers of routing protocols.  In routing protocols, the most frequent interpretation challenges are its invention of undesirable pressure on network performance. The nature of optimization algorithms, to say fact is of a tremendous immense source as inspiration to solve complex and challenging computer science problems as it exhibits robust, dynamic, fascinating phenomena, enormously diverse and complex. Maintaining an ideal balance between the components and solve the problem with an optimal solution is found by the optimal algorithms.  The algorithms that are meta-heuristic and nature-inspired mimics the nature of solving optimistic issues in the new era of computations. For the times of yore, various research efforts have been relentless in this area immensely.  It's still young in finding the results that broaden the scope and amazing[48]. The feasibility of Bio-inspired Algorithms (BIAs) is exploring relatively new application areas and with more computing opportunities.

Consequently, the proceeds implemented in this paper are obstacle-ware routing systems by making use of an improved meta-heuristic algorithm in MANET. Two foremost attacks like worm-hole and black-hole attacks are perceived and barred through Cooperative0BaitODetectionOScheme (CBDS). After these attacks are identified and0prevented, in MANET, the complication of routing is solved by Fitness Position Ratio-Chicken Swarm Optimization Algorithm (FPR-CSOA). This optimization technique has been deployed to discover the path. The algorithm proficiently plots a path among multiple nodes over the plot area, which results in perceiving the shortest path that is optimal without obstacles. The obstacles'0determination is based on the cartography approach, which gives information regarding the obstacles, pruning, filtering, and concave hull construction. The meta-heuristic algorithm CSO is enhanced as Fitness and Position0Ratio-based Chicken0Swarm Optimization (FPR-CSO) in the proposed work to find the optimal path by satisfying all the parameters. The comparative analysis with other optimized algorithms like PSO, WOA, GWO, FF with proposed model FPR-CSO confirms the reliable performance. 

 Keywords— Optimal Shortest Path; MANET Routing; FPR-CSO; Attack Prevention and Obstacle Aware Routing, meta-heuristic.