A Study on In-flight Catering Impacts on Food Waste

  • M. Halizahari, Mohd Hamran Mohamad, Wan Anis Aqilah Wan Husain


The idea of building the first powered flight in 1903 is to transport the passengers travelling to distant places in a short period of time. The food and beverage served or known as in-flight catering was introduced not long after that in the 1920s to fulfil the passengers’ need while occupying the time in a long-haul flight while travelling 600 miles per hour on air. Passengers are entertained with varieties in-flight services such as food, drinks, games and in-flight shopping. Moreover, the quality of the in-flight services quality now has improved to live up to the passengers’ satisfaction by offering better food quality and able to purchase a meal that meets the tastes and cravings. In entertaining the passengers with various food especially for long haul flight, the airline companies are the facing dilemma of giving the best food and managing the in-flight food waste. Therefore, this study was conducted aiming to provide the insights on the in-flight food choice, food quality and food waste. This study surveyed on the food quality and in-flight food waste among the Malaysian experiences boarding Malaysian local flight. Online questionnaires were distributed through social media. These study findings proved that food quality and food management have significant relationships with in-flight food waste. This study also reveals that food quality and food management become key determinants in avoiding flight food waste.

Keywords-food quality; food management; food waste; in-flight food supply chain; in-flight food catering