An Efficient Modified Perturbation And Observation Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique For PV Generation System

  • Eman Eltaher, Abdel-Raheem Youssef, Essam E. M. Mohamed


This paper proposes a new modified Perturbation and Observation (PO) algorithm with variable step-size. The conventional PO is widely used in several applications due to its simplicity. However, when solar irradiance changes rapidly, the performance of conventional PO is reduced. To meet these challenges and eliminate problems of the conventional PO, a new algorithm based on the variable step-size (VS-PO) is studied. The proposed algorithm depends on dividing the (P-V) characteristic into four sectors based on the open circuit voltage. The performance of variable step-size PO algorithm is investigated and compared with the conventional fixed step-size PO. The results assure the efficient operation of the proposed technique. Simulation results confirm reduced steady-state fluctuations of the generated PV power significantly compared to traditional PO techniques.