An Energy Efficient Protocol Based Wireless Sensor Network

  • C. Thenmozhi, N. Tamilarasi


An efficient Cluster based Wireless Sensor Network (CWSN) energy effective protocol selection is configured to enable network connectivity tracking and regulating scenarios. Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has a key prerequisite to expand network life. The aim of this paper is to establish energy-saving WSNs to reduce and boost energy spending. WSN architecture is built in the proposed CWSN, taking advantage of the advantages of cluster head and multi-hop run. Node Dependent Cooperative Clustering Protocol is in this report, a scheme to improve the reliability of the cluster by choosing a higher cluster head and to improve the routing efficiency of hostile nodes and avoiding attacks to improve the protection of the WSN. The suggested CWSN expands the existence of the network with multi-hop drive. A modeling tool is used for the proposed CWSN model. In this article, the efficiency of proposed CWSN is analyzed by energy use, by put, packet distribution time, and transmission delay and intrusion detection indicators.