Remote Patient Monitoring Via Blockchain: A Systematic Review

  • Jasmin Nahar Jumi, Dr. Md. Forhad Rabbi


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is an evolving part of medical industry which gained its maximum popularity during COVID-19 pandemic; though, it arises some unavoidable challenges. Blockchain is one way that could reinvent the approach of remote healthcare by introducing safer methods for healthcare data management, safeguarding it via a decentralized P2P network. With an intention to upkeep and simplify the understanding of this cutting-edge technology in RPM, a systematic literature review was accomplished by collecting more than 200 scientific papers published in recognized databases. The survey resulted in identifying the most significant approaches, standards, platforms, protocols, algorithms and architectures concerning the use of Blockchain for RPM. The main purpose regarding this research is to analyze the recent works on Blockchain based RPM (proof of concept) and come up with an outcome that will support future research on telehealth via Blockchain.