Research on Social Network Systems under the In-depth Learning Model Based on Big Date Artificial Neural Network

  • Ni Zhu


in recent years, SNS is developing rapidly with the progress of internet technology, a large number of feasible data analysis systems have been realized in overseas academic institutions, governmental sectors and commercial corporations. Thus, a quantity of research on SNS has become extremely hot. Main research hotspots on existing user behavior of SNS include: research on users’ influence based on behavior of social network users, research on recommendation systems based on user behavior and research on the privacy of social network users, etc. Social network is one of the main component modules of the internet and one of the major data providers at the meantime, the research on which in the future will be increasingly concerned by the academic and the industrial circles. The research status and hotspots of the excavation of the behavior of social network users are discussed in this thesis, meanwhile an outlook is made and some directions lacking in-depth research currently are put forward, hoping to be helpful for readers.