A Study on Batery Recycling Process Using Genetic Algorithm Based Closed Loop Supply Chain

  • J Vetrivel, L Karunamoorthi, N Arunkumar


For the execution of legislative government, logistics promotion, responsibility in social activities ,environment pollution, environment concerns are under great challenges to give environment benefits and cost estimation for the customers. The main issues are customer awareness, quality and cost difference from state to state and so on. This research paper fo- cussed on the design of multi-echelon sustained on the closed loop supply chain and detailed analysis about Lithium ion batteries. It is concern from customer to the users about guaran-  tee or warranty depend upon the recycling the batteries. The quality of the batteries for recycling based on the day to day usage by the users. This paper also plans to integrate the reverse logistics network through the matrix formation. In this research, we developed the study about the optimal storage of secondary Lithium ion batteries to a new battery. Nowadays we are facing many crucial problems especially in the time of battery recovery. This research scopes to analysis about the multiple closed loop in supply chain, decision yielding, material procurement, production, recycle of the lithium battery. This paper proposed a heuristic depend Genetic Algorithm with closed loop was proceed to solve the matrix formation, complicated simulation through the optimization of MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) software.