Tensile behavior of GFRP hybrid composite bars in RC structures

  • Mohammadamin Mirdarsoltany, Alireza Rahai, Farzad Hatami


Extensive research has long been conducted on the corrosion of steel bars in reinforced concrete structures. Recently, to prevent damage caused by this problem, the use of non-steel bars has been proposed as an alternative material. Barriers such as low modulus of elasticity (rigidity), low ultimate strain (or failure), low ductility, and low resistance to the environmental conditions of the Alkaline, have left their use as a definitive alternative shrouded in mystery. To solve some of these problems, a new generation of bars has been introduced as composite hybrid bars. These bars are made of a combination of different fibers in bars’ cross-section, and according to the calculations, this combination should give these bars a pseudo-ductile behavior. In this research project, 2 composite hybrid bars were made of glass composite fibers and steel bars and the results of tensile tests in these bars showed the pseudo-ductile behavior. Moreover, their elastic modulus and tensile strength were about 96 Gpa and 99Mpa, respectively.