Adaptively Evaluation of comprehensive plan and urban development with Emphasis on Flood Hazards (Mashhad Case Study)

  • Fatemeh Asadi , Ardavan Behzad


Floods are one of the phenomena that cause a lot of damage each year and have always been the focus of hydrology experts and planners of development plans, especially comprehensive plan and urban development. Factors such as physiography, geomorphology and human factors can accelerate this phenomenon in watersheds. The present study focuses on watersheds affecting flood risk in Mashhad using SCS method to calculate floods and then evaluate adaptive development and development plan of Mashhad and considering that from the viewpoint of surface water resources, the catchment area is part of watershed ghar-e ghom is northeast of khorasan razavi province with an area of 9447 square kilometers and is the main drainage of Mashhad plain; Physiographic and hydrological characteristics of two watershed, middle kashfrud and upstream kashfrud and two micro- watershed a direct effect on the Mashhad flood called Torgh and Mayan as Flood Hazards zoning ; examined and explored. watershed floods were obtained with respect to 24-hours rainfall, time of concentration, CN, surplus precipitation, time to peak and peak discharge, Then, flood risk zoning was calculated according to the 7-layer overlap for the above basins in the return period of 25 years in the Geographic Information System (GIS). The zoning map of the flood proneness potential actually shows the regional distribution of runoff within the watersheds, In the zoning map, flood proneness potential, which actually indicates the regional distribution of runoff within watersheds; Areas with very high flood proneness potentials are easily identified based on the maximum instantaneous flood discharge and the city center of Mashhad was introduced as a critical hazard area and after a adaptive evaluation of comprehensive plan and urban development that Determined, The above studies lack any rigorous study methods in this regard.