China's PPP Legal Mechanism and Its Measurement Method

  • Fang SUN,


For the measurement method of legal mechanism of PPP model, the domestic and foreign theorists have made different attempts and explorations, and obtained fruitful results.On the basis of systematic analysis of the measurement methods of PPP legal system at home and abroad, based on the practice of PPP in China, this paper puts forward a method of PPP legal measurement with Chinesecharacteristics.Therefore, the quantitative evaluation index system of PPP legal elements and the legal index evaluation system are constructed.This provides a lot of basic elements for the standardization and systematization of PPPP legislative mode.It helps to improve the legal coordination and legal guarantee mechanism among PPP models and provides reference for the formulation of relevant laws and regulations in China.At the same time, it also helps to improve the PPP model's legislative issues such as contract constraints, legal supervision, public interest expression, risk prevention and multiple dispute resolution mechanisms, so as to provide a systematic method for the PPP model's legal regulation.