Optimal Resource Allocations for OFDM(A) by adopting Digital Modulation Techniques

  • J. Prem Kamal Das,T. Varshitha,M. Ajay Kumar,Rajesha.N


Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) has become the promising approach multiple access method. OFDMA technique is widely used for high speed data transmission in wireless broadband access. This research paper mainly concentrates on basics of OFDMA and the major objective is to explain the multi-carrier modulation scheme in OFDMA. In the present scenario, high data rate are provided by WLAN, WiMax and LTE/ LTE-Advanced (LTE-A). Providing a wireless system with more spectral efficiency under extending channel condition is a key challenge to come up with more bit rates with limited spectrum. OFDMA was adopted for the downlink of Long Time Evaluation (LTE) systems. Unlike, SC-FDMA was used for uplink of LTE. We discuss the history and implementation of OFDMA and problems linked with OFDMA.