Enhancing Ductile Behaviour Of Basalt Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams

  • K.R.Nandagopal, Dr. A. Selvakumar, Dr. D. Raja


The earthquakes may results strong ground acceleration which causes structural damages leading to sudden failure of structures. In order to avoid sudden failure, properties like ductility and strain energy storing capacity of the structure must be improved. For this purpose, a high performance basalt fibre is introduced in this research article as additional reinforcement to cement-concrete mixture in various blend propositions (0.50%, 0.75%, 1.00%, and 1.50%). The study of various mechanical properties like Compressive, Tensile, Shear strengths, Modulus of elasticity, Modulus of Rupture, Stress-Strain relationships, Ultimate load carrying capacity, Strain energy storage capacity and Crack analysis are carried out in the proposed implementation. The results found that the addition of fibre reinforcement doesn’t adversely affect the basic mechanical properties of the concrete. The basalt fibre reinforcement of volume fraction 1.50% yields the best results.