Genetic Algorithms in Construction Project Management: A Review

  • Hatim A. Rashid , Omar Akrm Al-juboori , Ahmed Mohammed Raoof Mahjoob


Genetic algorithms (GA) are a helpful instrument for planning and controlling the activities of a project. It is based on the technique of survival of the fittest and natural selection. GA has been used in different sectors of construction and building however that is rarely documented. This research aimed to examine the utilisation of genetic algorithms in construction project management. For this purpose, the research focused on the benefits and challenges of genetic algorithms, and the extent to which genetic algorithms is utilised in construction project management. Results showed that GA provides an ability of generating near optimal solutions which can be adopted to reduce complexity in project management and resolve difficult problems associated with multi-modal, noisy, high dimensional and discrete functions. However, with a range of benefits, there are multiple challenges as well such as GA can be time consuming to restore the images and may provide partial solution to the problem.