Discovery Approach in Teaching Mathematics among Grade Six Students

  • Felix M. Diano Jr, Niña Bienna Marie Y. Monterde, Juliena M. Diaz


This study determined the effectiveness of discovery approach in enhancing the mathematical performance of the Grade six pupils. The single group pre-experimental design was utilized in the study with 32 grade six students as participants. The paired-sample t-test was employed with alpha, 0.01, level of significance. The results revealed that there was significant improvement in the mathematical performance of the students after the implementation of the intervention- discovery learning approach. Hence, the researchers safely concluded that the discovery learning approach is effective in enhancing the mathematical performance of the students. This teaching approach encourages the students to look for solutions to the given problem instead of teaching them to memorize rules and procedures. Teachers should facilitate the delivery of the lesson and make sure the learning experiences of the students in Mathematics are meaningful by creating memorable lessons that will help students become lifelong learners.

Keywordsdiscovery approach; education; learners; mathematics; performance; Philippines; Asi