Organizational Citizenship behaviour and its effect On Organizational Performance at Select Corporate Multispeciality Hospitals

  • Dr. G. Jabarethina, Dr. A. S. Saranya


Organizational Performance focuses to analyze an organization’s performance against its goals and objectives which aim to achieve outcomes and results. The success of the organization is defined by the hardworking, committed, and creative employees who are willing to go beyond the job description and work for the benefit of the organization.  The extra performance is called Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB).  OCB is not an integral part of the employees' Job description. In this study, the OCB and its contribution to organizational performance were measured through the perceived opinion of the nurses. Methods: This is an analytical study conducted among registered nurses who were holding more than two years of experience in the same hospital such were involved in this study based on voluntary participation. A structured questionnaire was used to collect data. The ‘t’ test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) test were used to test the significant differences between demographic variables and the constructs of OCB and Organizational Performance.  Multiple regression and Correlation were used to analyze the impact of relationships between OCB and OP. Results: The ANOVA result shows that there exist significant differences between designation groups’ respondent opinions concerning all the constructs of OCB and OP. There exists a significant positive relationship between the constructs of OCB and Organizational Performance.. Regression results revealed that Civic Virtue a construct of OCB had a high impact on Organizational Performance. Conclusion: OCB can be created through employment practice instead of work practice.  During the initial stage  of the career, the nurse might not exercise OCB however the analysis resultls indicate that OCB may be developed over time. The Management can develop the involvement of nurses through sensible employment practices by giving additional importance to the Civic Virtue of nurses.

Keywords- Organizational Citizenship Behaviour; Organizational Performance; Nurses;