Effect of Magnetized Water on Concrete

  • N.Sathyakumar, N. Raj kumar, N. Gayathiri, L. Gobika, K. Iswariya


It is intended that, in the not-too-distant future, the Civil Engineering field will be required to design structures that are maintained with the ideology of sustainable growth, using high performance materials and low environmental impacts that are manufactured at a fair cost. One way to this target is magnetic water concrete, which is made from ordinary concrete-making materials.This paper shows how to add magnetic water into concrete by improves its workability, durability, and mechanical properties, and one could easily substitute normal water with magnetic water, reducing the amount of cement required for any concrete mix and making it a new eco-friendly building material for upcoming years.

Keywords-Normal Water;Magnetic Water (MW); Structure of Magnetic Water; Workability;durability