“MUNGGUH” The Concept of Harmony in Ngrema Surabaya Dance

  • Wahyudiyanto, Siti Rochana Widyastutieningrum, Nanik Sri Prihatini, RM Pramutomo


This study adopts  pragmatic phenomenology  and  ethnographic  methods,  to investigate and appreciate  the Ngrema Surabaya dance. The result of this study indicates that "Mungguh", a culturally significant word exclaimed during performances, carries the meaning of harmony between the imaginary heroism in the Ngrema Surabaya dance and heroism in the militaristic models. Harmony is understood as the conformity of bravery, pride, prestige, and loyalty to the nation and state. The character of heroism is seen in the dance components, namely dance movement, make-up, costume, song, and music, which has become a cultural understanding of the community.

 "Mungguh" is used as the central sign to measure and preserve the heroic values of Ngrema Surabaya.  Dance skills  represent the Cakraningrat characterby performing  the components of Ngrema Surabaya dance according to the cultural norms of the community.

Keywords: Ngrema Surabaya dance, militaristic heroism, mungguh Cakraningrat,