Impact of Sugarcane Bagasse ash as a Replacement Material in Concrete

  • Saarthak Gupta, Shubhankar Singhal, Raghav Mehta, Hrishikesh Dubey


India is a nation with large sugarcane production and thus proper disposal of bagasse ash is an issue. So, in this study, the authors assess the utility of using Sugarcane Bagasse Ash  as a replacement of cement.

Sugarcane Bagasse Ash was procured from a sugar factory in Jamnagar, Gujarat. It was then ground using a ball mill. This was then used to replace ordinary Portland cement at 5, 10 and 15 percent of binder. The water to cement  ratio was taken to be constant throughout the experiment at 0.46. The outcome of the experiment was that, at 28 days of age, the samples of concrete in which 10 percent of the cement was replaced by Sugarcane Bagasse Ash  by weight had the highest compressive strength when compared to other samples having no Sugarcane Bagasse Ash and those in which 5 percent and 15 percent of the cement was replaced by Sugarcane Bagasse Ash by weight. This was 104 percent of the control concrete. A gradual increase in slump value was also witnessed as the amount of sugarcane bagasse ash replacement was increased upto 15 percent by weight of ordinary Portland cement. 

Keywords: sugarcane bagasse ash, slump test, workability, compressive strength, concrete cubes