Design of Droop Controller in Micro Grid using Artix 7 FPGA

  • Urmila S Soni, Dr. R. H. Talwekar


Presently, the significance of power generation using renewable energy is developed very fast Micro grid is a group of various distributed generators working together for sharing various loads connected among them. Stability of Micro grid is a major concern when there is an adequate variations in load due to change in voltage and frequency of Micro grid. Thus power sharing is a tedious task for maintaining the stability of microgid. The amounts of power generated by DGs are controlled by droop controller for regulating the voltage & frequency stabilities. This paper presents the hardware implementation of droop control using Artix 7 FPGA development board. A prototype model with IOT is proposed in which solar and wind sources are employed as the distributed generators for maintaining the stability of Micro grid during the variations in load. Result shows that droop control is efficiently working when resistive and inductive loads are varied, and is also verified with the theoretical aspects. Some waveforms are shown for voltage & current at different loads at different frequencies.

Keywords- Distributed power generation, Droops control, Micro grid, frequency control, voltage control, FPGA, Artix7 and IOT