Physical Modification of Fiber Polyacrylonitrile by oligomeric antipyrenes and Research of their Properties

  • Rovshan Ismailov, Kаmil Bаltabayev, Tokhir Azimov, Umidjon Eshmukhamedov


The article presents the results of the study of modified textile materials based on synthetic fibers by the method of thermal, thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis; for modified textile materials, the fire hazard characteristics were studied using certified installations for determining the smoke production coefficient and flame propagation speed of textile materials modified with fire retardant compositions based on chemical fibers. Polyacrylonitrile fabrics have been created that have fire-resistant properties due to their physical modification based on the oligomeric cationic surfactant oligo [isopropyloxy - monoamino-2,4,6-triamino-1,3,5-triazolylammonium] chloride (OIMTTACh).

Keywords: modification, fiber, oligomer, fire retardant, composition, combustion, smoke generation, pyrolysis, chromatography.