Real Estate for Sale application using Kotlin Language in android Technology

  • Mustafa k. Alasadi, Ghusoon Idan Arb


These days, individuals don't have to stress over going out on the town to shop any longer. They can change position their fingers and what you need to purchase can be sent to the entryway. The most important component of this app is the customer gets exact data on a unique link using the Real Estate for Sale (RES)  app. During the most recent years, engineers of mobile apps have the likelihood to utilize new ideal models and tools for creating mobile apps. This paper describes an RES  app developed using Android Studio 3.0 beta. In this research we designed the app utilizes Kotlin language  on android studio support since it gives a rich app framework that enables the customer to generate the inventive systems in java language.  Kotlin is accomplishing a critical dispersion among engineers, and a few researches have featured different points of interest of the language when contrasted with Java. The mobile apps composed utilizing Kotlin environment have preferable quality over the apps composed utilizing the conventional methodology for creating local mobile applications RES app is supported with choices to smooth  search operation and to notice exactly what clients are looking for rather than driving around city in places that you like to buy the resources,   The various components just select the town  and neighborhood, the location of the property , and a money range you are prepared to pay. Moreover, contact data of the salesman is usually ready for use.

Keywords- Android Studio; Mobile App; Kotlin Language;, Real Estate.