Mathematical Model on Two Layered Hepatic Blood Flow in Venules Due to Hepatitis A

  • Dr. J. P. Singh, Dr. Neema Agarwal, A. K. Agrawal, Sandeep Srivastava


The interface between mathematics and medical science has begun and has led to development of new numerical thoughts, where the considerations from mathematics and science are synergistically associated. Fluid components play an essential role in fluid stream insides the human body. With this article we aim to reiterate the dual circulation of liver and its venules. The velocity of blood inside the venules is laminar. As per the rouleaux axis, the velocity of the red blood cells is higestest at the centre of the lumen and decreases at the sides. We have associated the Herschel Bulkley Non- Newtonian model in Bio- liquid mechanical setup with the help of clinical data in case of Hepatitis A. The common presentation is in tensorial shape and the course of action procedure balanced is informative as well as numerical. The portion of Hematocrit is unequivocal inside the confirmation of blood weight in case of Hepatitis A disease.