Density, Viscosity and Refractive Index Measurements for the Binary Systems Containing Sunflower or Canola Oils with Cyclohexanol and 2-Butanol At Different Temperatures

  • J. Masilo, R. Phadagi, S. Singh, S. K. Singh4, A. K. Azad, I. Bahadur


Thermophysical properties (density, ρ, viscosity, η, and refractive indices, nD,) of the binary mixtures of sunflower + cyclohexanol, sunflower + 2-butanol, canola + cyclohexanol and canola + 2-butanol were studied at various temperature ranging from (293.15 − 313.15) K at whole composition range under atmospheric pressure. Thermophysical properties results were then used to derive thermodynamic properties: excess molar volume, , deviation in viscosity, , as well as deviation in refractive index, ,. These results were fitted to Redlich−Kister polynomial equation in order to derive the coefficients and approximate the standard error in the measurements. The results obtained have been discussed in terms of the nature of molecular interactions between the components of the mixture.