Evaluation of Technocart Application in SMART Schools in the Philippines

  • Jestoni P. Babia, Helmae Etulle, Luchi Flores


This study investigates the effectiveness of Technocart highlighting Batibot application in SMART Schools in the Philippines. It seeks to measure whether the achievement level of Kindergarten pupils in K- 12 has been achieved through the use of the application to classroom participation and exam scores. Using both qualitative and quantitative method through triangulation approach, the study seeks to find out the challenges and opportunities of the integration of its use by quantifying the teachers’ performance, teachers’ perception on Batibot TechnoCart Application, and utilization of the tool in actual classroom teaching setting. A linear regression procedure was further utilize to determine the strength of relationship of TechnoCart utilization and the pupils’ academic performance. The results reveal that in the Kindergarten curriculum is very effective in delivering the competencies and achieving the necessary skills. Hence, utilization of this program must become a national project of the Department of Education in the country to boost and improve the quality of teaching and learning in all Kindergarten schools in the Philippines.