Time: A Nature of Architectural Experience

  • Ar. Kabir Fatema, Dr. Prof. Jitendra Singh


Indeed, Architectural experience is subjective; but it does have a common thread of intangible dimension. The research has explored a few Natures of Architectural Experience namely; Time, Life, Kinaesthetic, Genius Loci and Energy.  This paper focusses on exploring ‘Time’ as a Nature of Experience.

The understanding of ‘Time’ will be derived through an inter-disciplinary discussion. Theory of Freud; the Father of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy of Merleau Ponty; the pioneering Phenomenologist to resonate with Architecture will be pondered upon to Understand ‘Time’. The study intends to invigorate a discussion of ‘Time’ in the discipline at the level of application and experience also. Architectural theorists namely; Juhanni Pallasmaa, Gaston Bachelard, Edward Casey etc. help in bridging the gap between the intangibles of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis to the tangible Spatial elements of Architecture.

5W 1H (What, Where, How, Who, Why, and When) is a method adopted for discussing the fundamental concept of ‘Time’. Couple answers are already know; for example, ‘Who’ is the User, ‘Why’ is the purpose of the study (Experiential Analysis), ‘When’ is any given scenario where experiential analysis may be required. The unanswered ‘What, Where and How’ will be addressed in the paper in relation to ‘Time’ as a Nature of Architectural Experience. Hence provide a holistic view of the understanding of ‘Time’ in Architecture