The Relationship Between Sexual Stigma and Disability With The Political Participation of Women With Disabilities

  • Dr.Rangsima Wiwatwongwana


This article is part of qualitative research on the subject “stigmatization in disabled women with political participation”. In which, the investigators present the relationship between gender stigma and disability and the political participation of women with disabilities. This, the political role of disabled women at various levels, indicates the path to political entry of disabled women and challenges, as well as the obstacles to political entry of disabled women. This makes it aware of the political participation situation of disabled women, including favorable conditions and barriers to the political participation of disabled women. The findings make sense of the relationship between sexual stigma, condition and disability with the political participation of disabled women, and to know ways to reduce stigma on disabled women and promote the political participation of disabled women. This research has chosen a semi-structural interview method because it focuses on the main points or issues that you want to study, open-ended questions encourage research participants to start telling stories about themselves, and using questions to amplify and encourage words opens up opportunities to explain more from those stories. The findings suggest that disabled women must be encouraged to improve their quality of life and not be violently abused it needs to be developed and be able to participate socially, as well as promoting equality, it is now considered that some disabled women have become politically active in a leadership manner in one way or another.

Keywords- Stigma; Sexual Stigma; Disability; Disabled Woman; Political Participation