Implementation of the New Function of the Sarinah Braga Building (Hotel De Braga By Artotel)

  • Andiyan, Okki Nurrisman


Currently the historical value of the Braga area has drastically decreased, many efforts have been made by the local government and the Bandung Cultural Conservation Society to restore the existence of the Braga area. One of them is the Sarinah Braga Building, a cultural heritage building that was previously neglected and is now inoperable and is now a well-known hotel in the city of Bandung. This study aims to develop knowledge of how the effect of revitalization on buildings in cultural heritage areas, especially the Sarinah Braga Building, from initially an abandoned building to finally becoming a building with the implementation of new functions. This research is a qualitative research using descriptive method which is a method which describes the actual phenomena that occur in the field and then analyzes them. For data collection, it is done by means of observation, interview, or documentary. This research is expected to be a reference for his research and can be developed again to a wider scale. Because research on cultural heritage buildings is still quite extensive and there are not many people who take this theme as the theme of their research.