Perspectives of Teaching online Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE) during Pandemics

  • Ruchika Kulshrestha


The pandemic assertion and subsequent interventions on public health disrupted teacher support for student involvement in tourism and hospitality education have had a considerable impact (THE). This article is aimed at examining the following question of research: How do teachers see transitions to online teaching in their academic year that is concerned to their profession? How do they see online teaching (OT) pedagogies? In order to gather data through their organisation from Teachers, a snowball and comfort sampling design was used and asked to answer the questions. The research was carried out through (N =23) Focus Group Interview (Tyslová, I., et al 2020)).As a result, teachers raised concerns about the relative efficacy, viability and feasibility of online teaching OT methods when fully accessible. This study examines the perspectives of THE teachers during the pandemic of COVID-19. The author is providing a blueprint for educators to use when planning mixed teaching to address the difficulties found by teachers.

Keywords: Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE), Online teaching (OT),Pandemics