Parametric analysis of Electrical Discharge Sinking of Monel K-500 alloy using Response Surface Methodology

  • Rahul Gautam, Jeeoot Singh, Anjani Kumar Singh


Today, Monel alloys are used in wide area of applications like aerospace, military equipment, marine applications, chemical industries, musical instruments string etc. In this research paper, Monel K-500 has been used as a workpiece material and cylindrical copper rod as a tool electrode to perform Electrical Discharge Sinking by Electronica ZNC machine. To perform machining, authors has been taken four input parameters which are current (IP), voltage (V), pulse on time (Ton) and duty factor (t). Output parameters which are taken to study the various effects of input parameters on workpiece are material removal rate (MRR), tool wear rate (TWR) and surface roughness (Ra). For analysis purpose, authorsusedminitab-18 to design of experiment (DOE) by Response Surface Methodology (RSM) to reduce the number of runs or experiments.