Performance Analysis of Diesel Engine with Palm Stearin (PS) Biodiesel

  • Aniruddha S. Joshi , Dr. R. Ramesh


The world's requirement on fossil fuel reserves is expanding quickly and at the current pace of utilization, it is assessed that the world will before long be confronting an extreme vitality emergency because of the fatigue of fossil fuel assets. This research work is pointed toward exploring the possibility of utilizing Palm Stearin Methyl Ester as a fuel substitute for CI engines. The fatty acid profile of Palm Stearin Methyl Ester was discovered by utilizing GCMS. Different mixes of bio-diesel were taken for tests and their combustion, emission and performance characteristics of the engine were analyzed. The examination was led on a Kirloskar TV1 VCR Engine at a standard Compression Ratio 17.5:1. The utilization of bio-diesel mixes diminishes the frictional loss so that a rise is observed in the mechanical efficiency. We have observed that Palm Stearin bio-diesel lessens Hydro-carbon and Carbon monoxide emissions. Hence, Palm Stearin bio-diesel is recognized as reasonable for use as a potential fuel option to petro-diesel.