Deep learning based Heart Disease Detection Model


  • Madhuri Gawali,Dr. C. Rambabu


From the last decade, a tremendous spotlight is on the giving quality medical services because of the exponentially growing of life threatening illnesses of the patients. There are numerous components that influence the health condition of each person and a few illnesses are more dangerous and cause death of the patient. And in the present age, the most common reason of death is heart disease. experts estimate that approximately half of all heart attacks and strokes occur in people who have not been flagged as 'at risk.' Thus, there is an urgent need to improve the accuracy of heart disease diagnosis. Many ML methods are there but those approaches are not sufficient for forecasting the disease. So there is a need for a method which can be used for detection of heart disease in an efficient manner. The deep learning approach can be used for detection of the heart disease. This research work presents DNN based deep learning techniques.