Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Tourism Service Market in the Secondary Cities in the Western Region of Thailand

  • Issarapong Poltanee, Manasin sonthanong, Jusana Techakana


The aim of this research is to analyze the elements of the tourism service market in Rong Muang, Ratchaburi Province. Data were collected from a sample of 400 subjects. The analysis procedures included exploratory factor analysis and confirmation factor analysis with Principal Component Analysis and Rotation. The component axis was perpendicular by Varimax method and the data were analyzed by using the confirmation element analysis technique. The research results revealed that the study variable set was able to be categorized into four components: service quality, image of attractions, cost effectiveness, and accessibility, which could explained 68% of the variance. The data showed the important factors for deciding to visit the secondary city—Ratchaburi, which those involved in tourism businesses could apply the to formulate a tourism strategy with competitive advantages. The results of the assertion analysis were in harmony with the empirical data.

Keywords- Confirmatory Analysis; Service Marketing; Secondary Cities; Tourism in Western Region