Analysis of the Effectiveness of Using Video Tutorials on Educational Statistics Lectures Assisted by the Screencastify Application

  • Molli Wahyuni, Adityawarman Hidayat, Zulhendri


The Covid 19 pandemic has forced educators to think more innovatively in implementing learning. Learning that is suddenly carried out online requires educators to be able to present learning with creative media so that students can understand the material presented. This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of the educational statistics instructional video tutorials assisted by the screencastify screen recording application. This effectiveness stage is the final stage of the video tutorial development process using the plomp development model. Educational statistics lectures using video tutorials are implemented using the flipped classroom approach. The data analysis used was the paired t test as a paired sample test for the results of the pre-test and post-test students' reasoning abilities. The paired t test was taken because the data were normally distributed based on the Kolmogorv Smirnov test, where the significance value was> 0.05. The results showed that the educational statistics tutorial video assisted by the screencastify application was classified as effective, where there was a significant difference in students' reasoning abilities between the pre test and post test.

Keywords: screencastify, learning media, flipped classroom, reasoning ability